3 Tips on Effective content marketing this 2017

Following the year where content truly reigned the digital world, the year 2017 has brought in new platforms and ways to increase presence in the digital world. Lucky for you, we’ve got the tricks for your content and business to stand out among the rest!


The content should include more infographics, social posts, slideshows and even interactive content like quizzes, puzzles, and generators. More than keeping your audience hooked and interested it also increases your website traffic and your post statistics especially on Facebook.


While traditional text-content is still an effective way to introduce and promote your business, the best way to grab attention nowadays is through motion graphics and video. It’s proven that Facebook videos grab more attention to people scrolling through the News Feeds. It also helps if the video is short, witty, yet informative at the same time.

Social media sites have also launched a ‘Live’ app where live shows can be conducted or you can watch events and shows real-time—a cheap alternative to being there in the event itself.


More than just advertising products and brands, users are drawn to videos and posts that appeal to the sense of feeling. Creating ads that are rooted from big ideas that are full of heart and passion gain much more attention than regular content. Good stories that are well-though of and well-executed leaves viewers feeling inspired and ready to take action.

These are a few of the trends in digital marketing that are popular today. Although times change, quality content is always a major factoring in making an effective strategy and long-lasting one at that. Want to promote your business? Inov8tive Design and Development is here to help you! Just send us an e-mail at info@innov8tivedd.com to get started!

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Making Your Way through Content Marketing
Dominik Banzon

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