Reactions to Twitter 280 Characters

Twitter recently launched to the public the 280 characters tweet on November 8 after the test drive with selected participants last September. The new feature amassed tons of response from Twitter users. We’ve listed down the different reactions to Twitter 280 character limit:

1.  Complainers

A lot of user are not happy with the 280 characters. They feel that the appeal of Twitter is going to be lost. What made them loved Twitter is, after all, how you can express your thoughts concisely. Some also showed their frustration of getting 280 character tweet instead of an edit button.


Photo Source: @minakimes

2. Defenders

Some users decided to embrace the new feature. Their main reason? They won’t have to restrict themselves to only 140 characters and can fully express themselves more. No more awkward threads and tweeting with wrong grammar for the grammatically inclined users out there!


Photo Source: @ajbferrer

3. Trollers

Why not make the most of everything? Tons of Twitter users expressed their reaction by annoying others. Even large companies jumped on the trolling wagon. Basically, they took the opportunity to make the added feature a meme. And we’ve got to say, they succeeded.


Photo Source: @Clarky_Tweets

With the uproar of Twitter’s new 280 character tweet, there are still a lot of reactions that will surely make you think and laugh. What was your reaction to this news? Have you already tried it out? Are you a complainer, a defender, or a troller? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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