5 Simple ways to make money online

The millennial generation is taking over internet analytics one Google search at a time. These individuals heavily rely on internet search to answer their questions no matter how simple or complicated they are – it’s easily accessible through mobile phones and it’s fast in giving results from all over the world.

In a recent study conducted by Google Trends and visual data journalist Xaquin G.V, they collected the data created an interactive website that showcases the most ‘how to’ questions searched for. And guess what millennials are searching for? The over 21 age bracket, the ones fresh out of college and slowly ‘adulting’ users showed their number one search: HOW TO MAKE MONEY.

It’s not a surprise given that they need to pay off school debts, pay back parents for all their hard work, and start saving up for the future or what they want in life. Since they asked online, why not give them online solutions as well? We give 6 easy ways on how to make money online!


Sell your photos

Make money with your Instagram-worthy photos! Grab your camera and take photos of anything and everything that interests you! By developing your eye for aesthetics and photography you can start selling them online and become a business and maybe even a career for you!

Utilize your research skills

Use all your time on Google and the internet well by using it for research! Companies are always searching for people to do professional research for their background or presentations. With careful analysis and attention to detail and dates, you can create well-researched and credible content.

Get paid to write

If you have a knack for writing, why not turn your words into revenue? Company blogs and magazine websites need content to post to help build a digital presence. They need freelance writers to provide them quality articles, news, posts, and even listicles to boost their SEO.

Create and design websites

It’s become a basic need for businesses and companies to have a fully functioning website running. Search engines are now an easier way for potential clients to search the business they need or to have their questions and interests answered. Your extensive knowledge in something might come in handy for others!

Teach Online

With live video websites and applications easily and readily available, you can start teaching and sharing the knowledge you know to the public! With enough students and following, you can start having companies invite you for talks and seminars or even build a brand on your own!

The possibilities and ways you can earn money on the internet is as endless as the content available online. With technology always advancing, there will be always avenues for you to sustain yourself and start building a business.

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