5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

Facebook has become the go-to social media platform for all ages since 2009. But according to recent E-marketer research this 2017, Facebook is facing a dip in its users showing kids aging 12 to 15 years old favoring Instagram and its rival Snapchat. This switch of social hub shows how the next generation communicates with people and brands through photos and videos with minimal text.

There are now even so-called ‘Facebook Nevers’, tweens who are overlooking Facebook and favoring more visual and multimedia platforms. The camera-company Snapchat Inc. has active users range from 12 to 24 years old, covering mostly from Generation X to the young millennials.

With their disinterest in Facebook, time to research new strategies to communicate your brand with the next generation of consumers! Some companies have already started using Snapchat in their new content marketing strategies, but we’re giving you the best ways to use Snapchat for Business.


Set creative Geofilters

These creative Snapchat ‘geofilters’ are designs that you can use at places where your business or building is located. This can make your client’s photos look more appealing and even attract interest!

Sponsored lenses

Much like the filters, Snapchat users like great lenses to take goofy photos for everyone in their friend list to see. You can actually create a design that has your brand integrated or nature of the business and gain a lot of attention!

Discover page

The Snapchat Discovery Page provides daily popular interesting articles seen by thousands if not millions of users. If your business gets featured in ads, there may be sudden interest and have inquiries coming in.

Show off your corporate culture

Feature your lunch breaks, company outings, even your quietest and busiest moments. Try having Employee Snapchat Takeovers to give a potential client or curious viewers how you guys work well together!

Have Snapchat Exclusive promos

You can promote coupon codes, limited edition discounts or content, for people who follow your account. Once they’re part of your network, these clients can easily view your content and maybe even look forward to it!

The main hack to using Snapchat and even Instagram stories is using unique content, the frequency of posts, and showing genuine everyday stories of your brand. Showing day-to-day activities can attract people to follow your account and push them into giving your business a try!

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