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5 Web Designs That Needs To Let Go

Dominik Banzon
5 Web Designs that needs to let go
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In the fast-paced world of web design and development, what’s the latest craze yesterday may not in be today.  We sometimes hold back the old way we used to but in reality, these are the things we should be letting go and moving forward.  Repeating the old way as technology changes, especially in web design industry is a no-no. Continuous moving ahead can help you not leaving behind the competition.

To help you, here are the most web design trends that you need to goodbye.

Website Mobile Version

Many designers and developers are focusing more on responsive web design instead of mobile switched sites (m.mysite.com). Users are looking for more fully integrated the mobile experience. In the U.S. 55% of internet users are coming from mobile devices. They were treating the desktop and laptop designs next to mobile.

Based on the circumstantial experience of the user, they adjusting the responsiveness of the design. Meaning the design needs to be created to they respond to the specific size of the screen device. As a matter of fact, Google encourages designers and developers to make responsive design website to improve the SEO of the website.

Text Websites

Visual media becomes more prominent today. Many webmasters used visual content instead of giving the story in paragraph or text. It’s moving slowly to the huge social media circle because of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s already taking the steps to gain the integration of visual media into those platforms easily.

Richer content can now integrate with visual components like pictures, videos, and other interactive functions to give users an interactive and more deeply engaging experience. The combination of text and the visual can help the impatient visitors to stay longer on the web page.

SEO Copywriting

In the modern SEO, keyword stuffing and concentrating in keyword aspect is a bad plan. SEO copywriting plays a major part in web design and promotion. As Google changed its search algorithms, it’s now time to say goodbye to SEO copywriting and rather start expanding user-centric and keyword informed content. A back to basic approach in copywriting is needed especially when you are building up a brand.


Buying links in advertising as pay-per-click (PPC) changes so fast. This old style is no longer in use and since there some tools who utilize new channel which helps you to find a specific customer. Instead of doing the PPC, increase the inclusion of contextual ads, target products, and online video. The targeted ads are now possible and can be pinpoint the exact age ranges, favorite clothing brands, etc. like in Facebook ads.

Hello Flat Design with higher ppi

Web Design has changed. Apple and Android devices are rapidly adopting retina displays in its design resolutions. Embracing higher resolution together with three-dimensional designs is the new trend to adapt the flat user interface.

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Dominik Banzon

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