What started as a simple question in the Quora forum turned into a well-talked about topic.

A curious user asked (rephrased): “what are the benefits of LinkedIn for a business?” Like how many forums work, people answer with their own opinions and views about the topic and let’s just say there were a lot.

So we decided to save you reading the whole forum and listed down the best answers.

But first of all,what is LinkedIn? More than just a social network, LinkedIn is a hub for professionals and recruiters. In fact, LinkedIn data reports to have a rise in hiring rates

Here’s how to do it:

1. Create a company page

With your own personal LinkedIn profile, create a company profile and customize it with your logo and personal branding. Create a good design that is clean and easy on the eyes for people to quickly attract.

2. Highlight business profile

With your business already up, fill in all the details asked for and needed. There’s an ‘About Us’ where you can talk about the history and recent achievements of your company. You can also list down your specialties, link you website, and post blogs.

3. Frequent Content Update

Just like in Facebook, you can post all the content you want! But if really want to grow your company you should post content related to your business. If you’re connecting with the right people, then will maybe want to partner up with you.

4. Always Connect

LinkedIn shows new and potential connections to be to expand your network. Carefully look at the line of work they’re doing and see if it’s related to your business. If yes, then connect right away and send them a message!

5. Join Groups

LinkedIn has specific groups for different jobs and interests. This is great because you can be in a community with people in your line of work. But this also great because you can zero in on your target audienceand post content they need.

Try LinkedInAds

If you want to really maximize the potential of this social network, set up ads and see how far your company can go!

These are just easy and simple steps to building your company’s LinkedIn account

There are many more social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat to expand your reach. To create effective strategies, each social media has their own digital and content marketing strategies and research to be done.

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