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Can you believe it? It’s been 8 years since Instagram has been part of our lives but it feels like it’s been there longer! Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has 700 million active users, over 95 million images and videos posted and shared, and more than a million users all over the world. The PH Instagram Marketing is also commonly used for business and personal.

With an international market usage, Instagram can connect anyone with anywhere around the world. It’s the place where the image and word content you put out is vital – especially for your business.

If you’re already on Instagram and want to step up your game, we listed all simple yet best ways to conquer PH Instagram marketing your business this 2018!

Here’s the perfect post you can make for your business’ Instagram:

1. Behind the Scenes

Show genuine customer or client interaction. Don’t make it too staged and scripted, capture one off moments with the team or staff and post them. This will introduce the people behind the business and see how you really work.

2. Employee posts

We’re sure your employees have their own social media accounts. Whenever they post something at the office or showing off something, repost or share it! Even if you’re not around to document it your employees are already helping you with the daily posting to boost your online presence.

3. Educational posts

There’s always something new to learn. Post quick tutorials or fun facts in image or video form to keep your followers knowledgeable about the product or service you offer.

4. Influencer posts

When a popular celebrity or internet personality visits your business or avails service from you, have them share it on their Instagram or even just their Insta-story! This will help you attract inquiries on your social media that can be converted into the profit you need.

5. Motivational posts

This is a great way to start a company’s week, month, or even a day. With whatever quote or saying you post it will reflect the values your company upholds and believes in. This is great way to integrate your personality and values into your brand awareness.

6. User Generated Content

Just like employee posts, user generated content is when your customers and clients post about your business. This is a way to see how much of your client database is interacting and letting others know your business is doing great. This kind of content also serves as a recommendation post from your clients to their own network.

7. News and Trends

Riding the trending holidays and events is a great way to generate engagement on social media. Offering fun discounts, prizes, and promos related to the news and holiday can also create more buzz around your business.

These are a few of the most popular content being posted on Instagram. There are so many more tricks and features on Instagram you can try. With these great ways to upgrade your PH Instagram marketing game to the next level and get the inquiries and profit you deserve.

Need help with your PH Instagram Marketing? Let our digital marketing team help you! With a team of creative minds, we can help your business thrive and profit online.

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