What To Tweet With 280-Characters

Twitter has doubled its limit from 140 to 280 characters. Though developers are doing a test run, only a few users able to tweet 280 characters.Some users found hacks on getting the 280-trial.

The update met with irritation arguing that if you can’t say what you want in 140 characters then it’s not for Twitter. The company adjusted by removing the “@” and username. Plus you can attach GIFs and photos without a visible link to maximize the character count.

Twitter taught users to be creative in spelling, punctuation, and acronyms to express. But what’s more creative is that businesses use the platform for advertising. They use a few words, emoji’s, images, and engaging hashtags to keep everyone interested.

But with more characters the more ideas you can tweet! We listed down 8 tips on what to tweet with 280-characters, or 140.

1. Tweets about your co-workers

Introduce your company by tweeting your best moments or regular office days. This humanizes and lets people know what’s happening behind your brand.

2. Links to Relevant Articles

While doing your research on industry or current news, share great reads.

3. Twitter-Exclusive Promos

Give something special to your Twitter followers by offering prizes and promos. They can send in a witty tweet using your hashtag or the photo with the most re-tweets or hearts get a discount.

4. Blog Promotions

It’s an advantage to have regular articles, be proud and promote your own content on Twitter!

5. Funny Content on the Internet

There are entertaining and humorous content on the Internet. Use memes or cute cat videos you’ve stumbled upon to your business.

6. Top Industry Ads

Get creative. Show off your ingenuity by advertising your company in 140—I mean 280 characters or less!

7. Use Twitter Threads

Twitter threads is a trend wherein you have a series of tweet replies about one specific topic or event. This makes it easy to keep track of your thoughts for easy reading and scrolling.

8. Start Interesting Polls>

Engage with your audience by asking their opinions! People on Twitter have a lot of thoughts that can improve your business. Plus, you can get to gather your own data on what your following is like and improve on your content!

P.S. We’re still waiting for our Edit button, Twitter!

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