Status of AI in Web Development

Have you ever wondered what is the status of AI in web development?

Well just recently, Teleport HQ, a platform and a suite of open-source tools built for user interface professionals, released a video on Twitter last September that showed an artificial intelligence, or AI, code and build a layout of a website while the framework was being drawn on a board, dubbed as #ThinktoCode.

According to their blog, there’s a viable technological path for building real-time design to code experience where the design source and target code can be separate. Teleport HQ has been able to generate React, HTML/CSS, Vue, React Native, and Angular JS codes.

In fact, That Tech Guy has stated that: “This is a great example to demonstrate how removing the mundane, repetitive and time consuming processes you can get costs down to a very low point, while still delivering a quality, high converting website.”

And this isn’t the first time AI in web development has been shown.  The Grid has developed Molly, an AI web designer. Another example is Firedrop, which is focused on creating landing pages and uses their own AI designer Sacha.

However even with AI website builders, the designs are simple, basic, and outdated, lacking creativity as of now. As Catalin Zorzini discussed in Website Builders, the final design and build quality of AI website builders have some problems.

AI website builders problems

  • Some content is randomly placed that makes the content hard to understand
  • Much of the cods ends up being illogical and clunky
  • Most of the websites built have too many media queries

As such, there is still much to do for the progress of artificial intelligence/ AI in web development but there is a future for AI in web design and development.

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