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It’s imperative for designers to know the basics of graphic design. After all, a lot of marketing strategies has been exercised by different kinds of companies in different categories of industries today.

They have formulated new innovative and effective schemes. Since the digital era has entered our society, different mediums emerged and one of these is Graphic Design.

This particular tool in digital marketing makes it easier to feed brand information to the target audience.

Mastering the basics can help designers prevent making mistakes that will compromise their work. Take a look what mistakes are commonly done.


On-page optimization is the SEO on your website. It focuses on optimizing the website itself. It indicates that you use unique keywords in your URL, Title, Headline, Page Copy, Image ALT Tag, and Meta data. Likewise, on-page optimization refers to the features that need to be improved on the website itself in order to make it search-engine friendly.

On-page optimization also focuses on your website content. It’s important that your content is relevant, and updated. You must also never forget to include keyword density, internal links, meta titles and descriptions as part of the basic SEO strategies.

On-Page SEO Strategies to Remember

Use SEO-friendly permalinks

Use your focus keyword in your URL. Use dashes instead of underscores and plus signs to separate words in your URL.

Start your title using a related and relevant keyword to your website.

This is the most important on-page SEO component. A website that has a title and includes a keyword is said to rank higher than those with the keyword in the middle or at the end of the title.

Make sure that you add related and relevant media

Include images, videos, diagrams, and such.

Use links outside your website.

These are related and relevant links to your website. Adding outbound links boosts a website’s page rank in Google.

Fast loading speed

The loading speed is considered as an important factor of SEO ranking signal in Google. Make sure that your website loads quickly. Optimize your image sizes and switch to a faster hosting.


It refers to the actions taken outside of your website to boost your ranking.

It focuses on link building in order to point back to your site which is also called as a Backlink. Some of the Off-Page SEO methods are blog commenting, forum posting, and guest posting.

Off-Page SEO Strategies to Remember

Social Networking Sites

Register to popular social networking sites to widen your reach. Post and share some of your content to promote your website.

Article Submission

Posting and sharing some of your articles and blogs on known and popular article directory and submission sites can improve drive traffic to your website.


Look for online forums that are related to your website and get involved in the discussion. This can help establish the fact that you are an expert in a specific niche by replying to threads and answering some questions by other users.

Q&A Sites

Just like forums, you can join question and answer websites such as Yahoo Answers, Quora, and more. This is another method that can help build and showcase your expertise in your field.

You can also add a link to your website so that other users can find and check out your own site and increase link popularity.

When doing SEO on your website, make sure that you focus on the basic SEO strategies to build the foundation of your website when it comes to searchability. It will absolutely help your website’s ranking. But if you don’t know what your score is, contact us at and we’ll give you a FREE Web Audit!

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