Best 5 Ways To Spot Fake News

With today’s social media it’s easy to spread fake news and have everyone believing it right away. It’s a popular issue since last year, the spread of fake news websites with click-bait titles and provocative images have Facebook pages spreading false news to the general public. This misinformation has caused feud and issues against opposite parties concerned. But now, Facebook is punishing Pages who advertise unreliable fake news websites to lessen the problem.

As a web design and development company, this serves as a public service to the public as we give a checklist of the best 5 ways to spot fake news!


If the URL is unusual, double check!

Anybody can buy a domain nowadays, but is it the right domain name? Always double check the URL for any unusual characters or names, they may be websites trying to appear legitimate but they’re really not.

When in doubt, check the date!

The internet has a repository of information that can be search at any time of the day. If an article suddenly appears that happens to be the solution to the problem, then maybe it’s old news from last year.

Review website for low-quality content!

Frequently spot poor errors, misplaced text, or scandalous images and videos? Then you might be in a fake news website. These websites always give sensational content to attract traffic even with false information.

Consider their sources!

When the article speaks about extreme assumptions or bold claims about a hot topic then look for their sources. Click through their links and view if they’re true and credible sources you can believe in.

Don’t provide personal information!

If a website is asking for and even requiring your name, email address, number, or any personal information: don’t give it! Your details may be sold and even exploited illegally.

When visiting a new website, always check before you click! Who knows, you might be falling into the wrong side of the internet!

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