Branding Your Company

Dominik Banzon
Branding Your Company

One of the fundamentals in creating a logo is to just make it simple, this particular fundamental makes it sound easy to conceptualize, work on, and produce a logo that will make the company’s name boost. When in truth, it’s really difficult to produce a logo, and one of the most difficult stages in creating it is the first stage: conceptualization.

Conceptualizing for a logo has to have thorough research because it can NOT be just a logo, it needs to be an effective logo. What makes it more difficult to produce one are the facts that in this particular stage you might stay inside the square one for a long time and will inevitably start with a blank slate.

However, Innov8tive Design and Development achieves high quality logos because:


We read the backstory of our client, their history, and their goals to create an effective reason for a logo re/design

This step is the first one to be performed because this is, true to all, the easiest. To figure out the perfect logo to design, you must gather information and details about your client because this will undoubtedly make you more knowledgeable about who your client is, you will know what nature of work they implement and the objectives/vision they want to fulfill.

We ask and read about their target market and branding style

As aforementioned, information and data about your client will make you knowledgeable about who your client is. Knowing your client’s target market and branding style and personality will make it easier to create a concept and to incorporate these for your client’s company logo.

We read up about our client’s competitors

Unique is a trait which every company wants to possess. Innov8tive Design and Development includes this strategy to its research because reading about our client’s competitor makes us create concepts that are different. In turn, it’s our chance to come up with concepts and ideas which will come out to be better than our client’s competitor. One of our goals is to innovate exquisite concepts and turn those into top-tier end products.

We give at least three wide-ranging options

After integrating the gathered data and coming up with a concept, Innov8tive Design and Development produces at least three options to choose from by the client. There are instances when the client doesn’t exactly know how they want their logo to look like, so it’s always best to have back up plans for this kind of business.

Conceptualizing and research is a package for they work together perfectly. The base of your client’s brand is their logo; it represents their company. With that being said, the base image of your client’s company is in your hand, bring and create something different out of it that no one else can.

If you’re interested in having your business branded or rebranded, Innov8tive Design and Development can help you right away! Just send us an e-mail at or set a meeting with us right away at 0917-778-5686.

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