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Communication Between your Website and your Audience

Dominik Banzon
Outweighing and Playing Google in SEO
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Have you wondered how you can communicate to your audience through your website? Nowadays, content marketing is often used. But what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a technique of creating and distributing appreciated, applicable, and constant content to attract and obtain an audience. Mainly, it’s a way of communicating with your audience. Today, it is important to know how you will design your website. You should focus on solving user problems like having a hard time reading or scanning website content, too many functionalities that require registration, no way to remain in touch, and such. Don’t just embellish, communicate as well. Here are some tips on how you can improve your website and its content in order to converse with your audience.

The First is to have a personal logo on your web design. By having this badge or logo, you will be easily remembered. Having one is the first step in building your personal trademark, and it should be used to communicate a lot about what or who you are. A high-resolution image would be catchy for your audience. You should put it in the left side corner your website. Likewise, the logo should link back to your homepage.

Second is to make a website that is easy to navigate. Puzzling navigation layouts will result in people quitting a page rather than trying to figure it out. Don’t add too many links to less important pages. You may put all your links on one side of your website or have a page that handles all your links. Moreover, unimportant links or pieces of information can be placed along the bottom of a page or in the footer portion of your website.

Third, don’t add too many animated graphics and irrelevant images or videos. In picking images or videos for your website, you should prioritize the size of the image. It should not occupy most of your website’s pages. Having large images might cause your website to function slowly. Furthermore, use images that are related to your websites’ content. It will be easier for your audience to understand what your content is about.

The Fourth is to use readable fonts. Don’t punish your audience if you want them to actually read your content. Don’t use more than 3 font families. Fonts like Arial, Verdana, Helvetica and such may look boring, but using these fonts may help your page look better and readable.

Fifth is to use a color approach. Use colors that will not harm your audiences’ eyes. It is better to use calm colors. It will help your website to appear elegant, clean, and contemporary. Using bold or dark drops of colors– for headlines or key graphics – helps guide your audience to the most important content on your website.

Sixth, don’t add advertisements that are moving. It might cause your website to lose your audience or it can ruin the whole website. Adding advertisements with animation or sound is kind of distracting. Your audience might have a hard time concentrating on what they’re reading on your website. Likewise, audience with slow connections may dislike that you wasted their time by forcing them to load animations and sound files against their will. Make sure that the advertisements don’t occupy most of the space on your website.

Lastly is to make a cross-browser testing. Through this testing, you can check if your website works the same in every browser that your audience uses like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

A good website should have a good content and a good design. Through this, it will be easier to communicate or attract your audience. Want to try content marketing for your website? Send us an e-mail at info@innov8tivedd.com and let’s boost your website!

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Outweighing and Playing Google in SEO
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Dominik Banzon

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