Creating Brand Awareness through your Logo

Dominik Banzon
Creating Brand Awareness through your Logo

Logos are the face of the business. It’s the first thing clients see when they meet your business so it’s always great to make a lasting first impression. We understand that it’s never an easy task to craft a brand, especially small businesses in the Philippines. Even for professionals like us, we require a whole team of innovative minds to come up with professional and affordable designs for our clients.

There’s a lot to consider for your brand in terms of design, personality, and content. Many designers have had their fair share of mistakes in designing logos. But we won’t let that happen to you, that is why we’re sharing you easy steps on how you can start creating brand awareness through your logo design:



It’s never bad to check on your competitors. May it be small time businesses or big corporations, taking a peek at what your competitors isn’t harmful to theirs or your business. You’ll be looking at the logo and designs they currently have and see if they have similar designs, colors, or themes. The advantage of following design conventions is the easy association to your products or services. You’ll hold a sense of familiarity even if you’re just a newbie in the market.


Narrowing on who you want to avail your services can easily help you build a brand that speaks to them. Do some research about the current trends and styles they relate to the most; whether look on the internet or ask people, it’s always best to know about know what they need and what they’re looking for; what they’re willing to spend money on. With the right age group and design, it entices people to purchase your product and avail of your services.


After you’ve done you research, it’s time to offer something different and unique to all the others out there. While you want the sense of familiarity, you also want to stand out and be known for something extra. Observe the similarities; determine the themes and designs to personalize your branding campaign. Bringing something new to the table sometimes results to doubt, but ensuring the quality of work makes it the talk of the town.


The creation process is as vital as the brainstorming since it involves the actual production of your ideas. This is where research comes into play. There is no easy process for designing a logo. Revisions will be needed until what you imagined in your head is polished and executed by your designer. The important thing is the proper finishing of colors, fonts, designs, and whatnot that attracts your target market and makes you a proud business owner.

The process of branding your company is a tedious process, but hard labor always bears sweet fruit. If you think this process is too tedious for you, we can make your life easier by helping you! Luckily enough, we’re offering free logo designs! We create professional custom corporate branding that suit your business at an affordable price!

Just contact us here on our website, or e-mail us at to get started on digitizing your business!

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