How David Karp and Tumblr Made Viral Content (FB)

Just recently, the founder of billion-dollar worth social website Tumblr, David Karp, has just resigned from his post as CEO. He openly posted his personal letter to his employees that included his reasons for leaving and his hope for the company he founded.

David Karp said, “I look back with so much pride. At a generation of artists, writers, creators, curators, and crusaders that have redefined our culture, and who we have helped to empower.” Many have found refuge in the platform to speak up about their problems and happenings in any way they can. Some popular artists have even turned their Tumblr accounts into a safe space for them to be comfortable and express themselves freely.

Even if David Karp is leaving Tumblr, he and the platform created some funny and engaging content that is relevant and can be used for business up to this day. We list down the most used and known posts that gained popularity through the website.

1. Memes

They are everywhere on the internet and everyone can relate to one at least one meme in their life. Defined as a post with a funny image and text that goes viral on the internet, almost everyone with internet has seen it. Made to be funny, these post are usually stock images and designs that have failed to portray their message.

2. GIFs

Pronounced as ‘JIF’, these posts are like videos but without the sound. GIFs are moving pictures that usually show a certain scene and part of a show or movie that is memorable and very relatable. Better than memes, these GIFs can show an actual emotion or situation and bring it to life.

3. Typography

Typography was cool on Tumblr before anywhere else. We all know quotes are already viral, but with the platform being very visual based the quotes are now more appealing with good design and have become viral with the easy re-post button. A user can share a post they like and will immediately appear on their page.

There are many more types of art and posts posted on Tumblr that reached worldwide popularity. Thank you David Karp, for building a great platform and community for everyone. The internet will miss you. Tumblr has started a lot of trends that can now be used by businesses and company for an effective marketing strategy.

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