Discover the Different Hosting that fits to your needs

Dominik Banzon
Discover the Different Hosting that fits to your needs

There’s a lot of web hosting you can choose from that are available these days. All you have to do is to understand what type of hosting you need. There are free web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server and so on. These options have the same purpose and it’s to host your content so that it can view and access the Internet.

The only difference is how they were structured and the benefits they can give. It is important to get your own domain and hosting so it is better to look for the right service provider for your domain and hosting registration.

To understand more about hosting, let’s take a look at the things they can give. Below are the lists of types of hosting for you;

Free Web Hosting

If you want to create a small website or homepage to share with your family and friends this one is perfect for you. Although it gets more critique because it lacks features and security as well as customer support. Worry no more because there is free web hosting providers that you can trust and tested online. There are some that can give you a good taste and maintain a small personal website. However, you can consider a paid hosting if you want to have a strong web presence with your online business and you can have a secure and more control that you can reliably.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is the sharing of hosted web server with other users online. It is the affordable and most popular solution, mostly for personal and small business user. It is ideal for setting up a blog, e-commerce, and other applications. The disadvantage is that you can expose all your activities to other users and you will suffer if someone makes a scripting error. Also, your site may run slow if there is an unexpected blow up of traffic and if the server is down, definitely your website and your business is down.

Dedicated Hosting

It’s time to move up to a dedicated server if you think your business needs and requires more than a usually shared server. Moreover, if you don’t have an experience with this hosting option and you need someone to manage your hosting server. There are lots of hosting service provider that can help you handle all the works for you but it’s generally expensive.

At the end of the day, it is you who will decide which one is best for your needs. Just remember that free hosting is for personal websites while shared hosting is best for small businesses and the dedicated server is intended for big hosting needs.

If you need professional help, one of the leading web design and development companies are here to help you! Innov8tive Design and Development can host your website and give you a free domain for 1 year! Just send us an email over for more inquiries and requests!

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