Domain Name VS Web Hosting

Are you one of the people want to create a website but doesn’t know what the difference is between domain name and web hosting? Don’t worry! I was the same as you before. But ignorance is not bliss if what you do is relevant to domain and web hosting, particularly with businesses. Everything and everyone is going online now. Get that competitive edge by learning about domain name vs web hosting.


Domain Name

Think of it this way: You’re putting up a business but how would your potential customers and target market know where your business will be? What would they need to know? It’s the business address! That’s what a domain name is. It’s your online address in the digital world. Your URL, such as, is what users use to find you online.

Web Hosting

If the domain name is your address, what would web hosting be? That would be your store. Just as GoDaddy defined, it is the space on the Internet where you place your website’s files. This is the place where you showcase your products and /or services to the public that they could view. It is where you place your content, graphics, and other things that you want to put on your website.

But don’t forget that the two are closely correlated with each other. You might have a domain name but don’t have a domain hosting, or a domain host but you don’t have a domain, your website won’t be available to the public.

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