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Evolution of Marketing

Dominik Banzon
Evolution of Marketing

We live in a world where technology improves without us knowing. Its impact is felt practically when advertisements are already printed in newspapers and magazines, running a 30-second advertisement on televisions and through online channels, clickable advertisement on different social networking sites, and the like. As the marketing environment hastily converted the arrival of web 2.0, the extension of sense awareness of customers who modifies the way how customers act, think, emote, and relate.

Let’s face it; most of the people nowadays cannot live without the Internet. It became their source of leisure and entertainment. Likewise, it is one of their sources of information about what is currently happening to their surroundings, what are the latest trends and such. It also altered the users’ way of communicating. Users nowadays tend to communicate through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and such. Our lives revolve and depend on technology.

Let’s take a look at the number of users vs. the channel they are using in order to view advertisements. These channels are the television, online or the web, radio, newspapers, and magazine. There are more advertisements that can be viewed by users on the television and can be read in newspapers. However, users spend lesser time reading newspapers. When it comes to the online channel, users spend hours browsing the net, and they can only view a few advertisements.

Since we live in a world that revolves around technology, let us relive the marketing history.

In the year 1875, Marketing was known to be the Age of Product Features where it was all about the brand. It pertains to a certain product’s uniqueness, its physical characteristics.

In the year 1925, Marketing was known to be the Age of Product Benefits. It talks about what a brand does and how a user will gain an advantage if he or she uses it.

In the year 1960, Marketing was known to be the Age of Emotion. Its concern is about what a brand makes you feel. It speaks of how will you look or feel if you use this certain product.

In the year 1990, Marketing was known to be the Age of Identity. It refers to how a brand will define you. It expresses how you look and describes you when you use this certain product.

In this day and age, Marketing is known to be the Age of Social Networks. It identifies in which brand you really belong to. It gives you several choices wherein you can select where you truly want.

Marketing today is very important. Digital Marketing generates consumers that knowledgeable about what you are selling. It gives them ideas on how do your products work, what benefits can they gain, or what will be its effects if consumers use or avail it. A good advertisement should have a great impact on your consumers. It can help you shape a maintainable competitive advantage and also, it can help you build your own name and brand.

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Dominik Banzon

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