Many concerned parents and users have been talking about Facebook as a negative development in our technology and atmosphere. Today, a regular street scene would include a handful of people walking around with heads faced downwards toward their phone. They’re either texting or scrolling through timelines and news feeds, completely unaware of the real physical world existing outside of the mobile phone.

Yes, Facebook has negatively invaded our lives in any way possible but we still think it’s not that bad. We do acknowledge some people have become obsessed with the social media platform and have spent countless hours on their phones and computers sharing posts and tweeting what they think rather than speaking up. But to some who use the platform for expression, it’s the best place they can do it.

Here’s 3 reasons why Facebook isn’t a bad social media despite all the bash and hate it’s been receiving the last couple of years regarding child and psychological development.

1. Connect with family and friends

Globalization is at its peak. Some to most people from the west are now in the East and vice versa. Technology has made lives easier in so many ways, it’s become way easier to learn more about what friends are up to halfway around the world.

2. Sense of community

In recent studies, Facebook has become a place for people who are figuring things out or just searching for a group of like-minded individuals. With its millions of active users, there’s no way you can’t find a group or person with the same interest.

3. Easy expression

Facebook serves as a platform where people can post their thoughts and pictures to a wide audience. With its simple and easy Like and Share button, many can choose to agree and disagree with your statement to get their message across.

What more can you expect from a digital marketing company? We’re completely critical and interested in what’s happening in social media. We’re fully aware of the downsides of using too much Facebook, but we believe in the platform enough to continue using it as much as we can.

That is why Innov8tive Design and Development is focused on producing positive and engaging content to spread the good vibes all over the world! We’re always giving out digital marketing and web development tips so keep updated without our posts. If you want to do the same, hit us up at to be a more.

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