Rise of Mobile Phones in Digital Era

With the top cell phone companies Samsung and Apple releasing their latest phones this year; with Iphone X released just this November and Galaxy S9 already rumored to be in the works, a new competitor rises in Razer phone, the first gaming mobile phone that will be released this coming November 17. It’s no wonder there’s the rise of mobile phones in the digital era.

With the advancement of technology through the years, cellphones are getting more features and functions that it’s basically an all-in-one tech in the palm of your hand. In fact, more and more people are relying on phones in their everyday lives. Sending and checking e-mails, communicating with other people through various mobile apps, and more.

That’s why we’ve listed down the various progress and growth of mobile usage in today’s digital era.

Mobile Apps

Before, people could only access websites through a computer and laptop. But with the rise of smart phones these past years, you can access it through your phone too. Websites are now becoming mobile-responsive. Social media sites now have apps that can be installed via Google Play Store or App Store. Some companies even have mobile apps for easy access for their customers.

Mobile Banking

You don’t need to go to the bank anymore to check your account. Banks nowadays are providing mobile banking where cellphone user can access the bank’s financing services with just a tap on your phone.

Mobile Marketing

Even marketing has gone mobile. Potential and existing customers can see your ads on their phones and appeal to them your product and/or service while they’re on the go.

Mobile Commerce

Also known as m-commerce, it is the use of handheld devices to make commercial transactions online. It involves online shopping via phone, online payments, and such; and is considerably and continually growing right now.

By the rapid growth of mobile usage, particularly with the continued releases of newer, better features and functions of phone models, the rise of mobile phones in the digital era is indeed a critical and vital element for a business. In the Philippines alone, it’s been reported by statista.com that there’s 30.4 million smartphone users this 2017. Think of the large number of potential customers you have by going mobile too.

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