Google Assistant is the company’s smart voice assistant, an upgraded for version of Google Now that is designed to be personal. Available in 400 million devices, including Android devices and even on iPhones, the digital assistant can be used in a lot of ways at home. It is integrated in Android TV, smartscreens, and smart speakers that makes their usage much easier by only voice command.

But that’s not all Google Assistant can do. Take a look at its other features that can help with your work:

Check important emails

Google Assistant can get date and information from other Google apps, like Gmail, whenever you need it. You can check your emails at any time by just asking the virtual assistant.

Set appointments

You can add calendar events or check your schedule. Just voice activate Google Assistant by either saying “Hey, Google” or “Ok Google” and “Add (event” to my calendar,” “Schedule (event) for me on (date) at (time).” After setting up your appointment, you can also check your appointment information by asking it.

Search for important information

Just like Apple’s Siri, you can search for any information using Assistant. Just activate the app and ask for anything that you need to know!

Give reminders

The mobile assistant can also give you reminders that you need to do for work. Set a reminder for meetings, tasks, and other important reminders necessary. To set reminders, just say: “Ok/Hey, Google, set a reminder for ______” and you’re good to go!

Easy translation

Google Assistant can translate up to 188 languages. No need for translators. This assistant can do it for you. In fact, you can also change its language and dialect if you want to. And if you need to hear the translation again, just ask and it will do as you instructed.

Link your work account

You can use your work account with Google Assistant. You have to enable Allo and/or Assistant to use your Google Apps account. Just open your page and log in. Afterwards, click on Apps and select Additional Google Services. Then click on to Web and App Activity and turn on For Everyone to make it available for all users.

But Google is still not done with Google Assistant. It is still a work in progress. There are more features to come to help you digitally.

But if you’re not ready to use a smart voice assistant, why not avail our premium digital services for your business? Innov8tive Design and Development delivers ideas everyday. Just contact us at!

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