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How Google Change the SEO

Dominik Banzon
How Google Change the SEO

In the past years Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was considered as a special skill for how to rank in search engine rankings with bright and exclusive tactics until the industry was becoming matured. Today, as dynamic and versatile online marketing methods that surpass the ranking challenges and become necessary needs to be an expert for every online marketer.

From time to time Google sets different Algorithm and always change its process to make sure that webmasters will not manipulate their method. This game changing tactics of the giant search engine is to emphasize their products that facilitate users to find more information faster. Most online marketers have studied Google’s pattern of how it changes its algorithm. So, how does Google changes the search engine optimization industry? Check out below.

Building a Brand using SEO

SEO is now a form of branding. It changed the person’s perception over the past years discussing about links, page rank and keywords that has passed. Instead we are talking more about building a brand and posting quality content as a strategy. Although it’s not new, it is still a major part of inbound strategy.

As Google launched its Penguin and Panda algorithm, webmasters and other marketing professionals understood the message of this update. Because of this, creating quality articles is the only option to be visible in the search results. It is very effective if executed properly and as a result, branding and content strategy should be in focus.

Google is not Just a Search Engine for SEO

Google is a search engine; yes, it’s a fact and still serves as a search engine until it becomes the chief of data oriented projects. Why, because most of the searches are based on location and this query has added with further information from reviews to maps to price ranges when search results return. Having paid ads to get the top spot in the search engine ranking page is one factor while giving the top ranking position of organic search appears few hundreds down the page.

Google is not Just a Search Engine for SEO

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Linking is a Key but Depends on Reason

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Linking is a Key but Depends on Reason

Quantity and quality of your linking campaign are the primary factors of ranking online. More sites are used to buy links which Google doesn’t like so they are tweaking their algorithms to not give much weight to those who buy and sell links. Before, SEO’s tried to get their links in different reason, by use of referral traffic.

Now is the Future

To challenge the Apple’s Siri, Google Now is more than just a mobile voice search because of its different mentality that pull answer from search history, geo-location and preferences as well as your recently activity in Google like in places and products you use.

Because of this, SEO also uses this avenue to optimize websites to become more mobile-friendly. The only challenge is how to make it relevant to people so that it will appear in search results.

Now is the Future

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Using Product Perspective

Treat your inbound marketing campaign as your product while considering your content as your main product. And to have a long lasting marketing campaign success, try to value your product against your process or campaign.

You don’t have to try too hard to get to the number one spot in search engine ranking page results. You just have to follow the steps that I mentioned and to systematically reach your goals.

But if you interested, Innov8tive Design and Development can help you achieve and reach more goals for your business. Just drop a message here or e-mail us at info@innov8tivedd.com!

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Dominik Banzon

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