Mayon Volcano Location

After posting a video online with wrong information about the Mayon Volcano, assistant Secretary of Presidential Communications Mocha Uson is now the root of all jokes on the internet. We all know that what social media is a powerful tool that can put you on the spotlight easily whether a good deed or not.

In the said video, Mocha Uson claims that the Mayon Volcano is located in Naga City. Obviously a wrong move since the infamous Mayon Volcano is located in Legazpi City, in the province of Albay. The video quickly went viral and gained thousands of reactions from Filipinos worldwide.

Some comments include: “She’s Assistant secretary, she should be more knowledgeable and accurate!”, or “The Internet is available, why couldn’t she search it to be sure?”, or the more harsh Tagalog tone of “Pwede naman niya i-Google!” (She could have just used Google!).

Although no human is perfect and that we all make mistakes, with the Internet and Google nowadays it’s so easy to assist you in getting reliable answers. To show everyone, and those not familiar with easy search access of Google, we listed down 3 ways on how Google tools can locate the Mayon Volcano and so can your business!

1. Google Maps

The most reliable mapping service provider, Google Maps provides accurate locations through advanced satellite imagery that can check for possible routes and landmarks to for efficient travel time to your business location.

2. Google MyBusiness

Though the Mayon Volcano can’t register as a business, all the other establishments near the landmark can! Registering to Google My Business is great digital marketing that can make your business easily found on Google searches which can converted into foo traffic.

3. Google Places

Much like Yellow Pages before, Google Places is an application that make your local listings easier to find online. By signing up, people can connect with your business and have people easily search and visit your location.

All of these Google Tools and services are to help improve your business visibility on the Internet. By availing these free and effective services, you are able to build trust with clients using accurate information and have an aura of professionalism. Plus, it’s totally cost-effective and easy!

If you need to improve your business presence visibility and searchability online, we offer professional SEO services that can reach your business’ full potential! Send us a message at to get your free digital marketing consultation NOW!

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