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Good news to all social media savvy and internet geeks in the Philippines (a.k.a. almost everyone in the country), the PH government is now accepting bids for the establishment of a third telecommunications company in the countr.

With an international market usage, Instagram can connect anyone with anywhere around the world. It’s the place where the image and word content you put out is vital – especially for your business.

This is a great leap from the current duopoly we have with PLDT Inc. and Globe Telecom. With the NOW Telecom franchise having extended for another 25 years, the franchise will now provide “improved telecommunications services, such as wired, wireless, fixed, cellular, mobile, among other.”

Why is this such great news? It’s no secret that the Philippines has incompetent internet services in comparison to other countries – Alibaba’s Jack Ma has said it himself.

With the world’s digital transformation, we need better and more efficient internet connection to keep up and even beat other countries when it comes to the modernization game. This doesn’t only mean in technological advances, but also in business innovation as well.

But how NOW Telecom change the way Filipinos do online business? Here’s 3 benefits:

1. Global Access

With better and more internet connections available, small to medium business owners can reach a worldwide audience. With original ideas and good quality products, your target audience can grow with the right content you put out on social media and the internet.

This is the true meaning of the “world is your oyster.” Technology can really take you places.

2. Cost Savings

Having a physical store or place is added expense for your business. You have to pay rent or lease for the space, you need to hire people in the shop all day, and a lot more extra effort and money for the upkeep.

With an online business, you can cut your cost to hiring a quality yet affordable digital company that can provide ALL your online needs like a website, complete with the latest SEO practices, and the a compelling digital marketing team for social media channels.

3. Own time management

With an online business open to the World Wide Web 24/7 around the world, you can manage make money online while you’re sleeping. Yes, while sleeping money is added to your saving because of the power of internet!

This can help you spend time with family while earning and providing for them. Having an online business can also give you opportunity to travel the world. There’s access to the internet almost everywhere around the globe, you can manage your business at home or even at a beach somewhere! Endless possibilities.

Hopefully things go well with the future of Philippine telecommunications. Our local entrepreneurs and products deserve more recognition for their work.

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