Generation Z, also known as iGen, Post Millenials, and even Millenial on Steroids, is slowly becoming a trend among digital marketers. Why? That’s because Gen Z is the TRUE digital natives in today’s digital world. After all, this generation was born after the pre-internet era. The internet is not a luxury, to them, it’s just something that’s there. In short, they are the native speakers of today’s digital world.

That’s why digital marketers are scrambling to understand Gen Z.

They can engage them with their company’s brand. In fact, they spend more time on their phone more than anyone else. We’ve listed down several tips on how to market to Gen Z:

Go mobile

A study by ContentSquare showed Generation Z converts twice as much on mobile than any other demographic. Gen Z shoppers view 62% more pages during a browsing session than other demographic. And as mentioned before, today’s generation spend more time on their phones. They are more active on social media than other generations, including millennials.

Keep it short

Snapchat, six seconder videos, and emojis are frequently used to communicate online. It’s essential for digital marketers to create short but relevant ad campaigns. When it comes to social media, marketers only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Gen Z wants the message to be straight to the point.

Customize content

Make sure that your campaign are tailored specifically to social media platforms. A campaign on Snapchat has filters relevant to what you’re promoting. An example was the X-Men: Apocalypse filters when the movie was released in 2016. This campaign trended online. A lot of people posted pictures of themselves using the filters.

It’s evident that Generation Z is already making a change in digital marketing. As the true digital natives, it is important that companies stay on top of the latest digital trends. They should think of appealing and innovative marketing techniques for Gen Z audience.

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