HTTP and HTTPS as a Ranking Feature in SEO

Dominik Banzon
HTTP and HTTPS as a Ranking Feature in SEO

August 6, 2014, Google announced that HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) was now being used as a ranking pointer. Google stated that the whys and wherefores behind this move were over security, and they have initiated to look for more and more webmasters embracing HTTPS.  Nevertheless, HTTPS will be considered as a lightweight pointer that will mark a lesser amount of 1% of universal queries.

But before we go deeper, let us define HTTP and SSL.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is merely a secure form of the HTTP. It is commonly used by e-commerce websites to make safe transactions.

Secure Sockets Locket or SSL is a protocol that provides a secure link for transmitting files. Likewise, it is used to encrypt your connection not to encrypt your files.

Google surely is not in-explicit in what their expectation is here. Securing your site with an SSL certificate will likely soon be much more essential for your search rankings. Arbitrating by how fast users usually accept Google’s best practices and guidelines, this is expected to take some time to hold and if security becomes an essential search ranking feature.

The facts and figures tells us not to hurry adapting your site to HTTPS as a portion of your strategy for the Search Engine Optimization domination. Remember, it is just an insignificant aspect at best. But still, there are other reasons why you need to adapt your website to HTTPS. Security issues are a big deal, and HTTPS is one phase you can grab to retain control over your own website content.

Modernizing from HTTP to HTTPS is technically equal to a brand-new URL. Make sure you take the proper phases to ensure a smooth transition. Google made an available step-by-step process. Following these phases prudently will help to preserve the site’s indexation and domain authority.

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