Is Pandas, Penguins and Pigeons Affects Your Business?

Dominik Banzon
Pandas, Penguins and Pigeons Algorithm

Have you realized that animals with black and white in color are Google’s favorite in naming its algorithms? The three most popular that contributed a huge impact in the past years are the Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon. Google changes its algorithm to provide quality websites on the internet.

These algorithm changes affect revenue and expenses alike of businesses negatively. It has a negative impact on the businesses, especially the website with poor quality. This is all about how search engine optimization to be on the track to keep Google’s frequent change to be friendly on your website.

Let’s learn more about Google’s pets and understands how it works.

Panda Algorithm

Released in February 2011, it aims is to push the low-quality websites. The Google Panda U.S. patent states that the next Panda algorithm will take place. There are some important factors to keep in mind. The duplicate content is one of the main issues in all visible contents in your websites. Give more value to visitors, readability of content is essential to web pages and lastly, your fresh content helps you to build the overall density of your web pages.

Penguin Algorithm

Its task is to find the low-quality links from your inbound linking campaign. It was implemented in April 2012. This algorithm is to fight back with those websites who use the black hat technique in SEO that involves the artificially increasing the ranking of websites by manipulating the number of links that points to the website and it generally violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Pigeon Algorithm

It was recently implemented last July 2014. It was designed to give more specific, relevant and valuable local search results. It will be visible in the Google Web search results and Google Maps. Pigeon Algorithm did not have penalties because it only provides searchers more accurate local search results. However, there are few things to be considered like the authority of website will be an issue, Map listing or the local business listing should be present.

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