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Google just recently promoted Hour Of Code by adding a program they’ve developed to help kids coding language become a popular thing. By designing it as a game to attract the younger audience, children and even everyone can learn kid coding language on how to operate bunny using simple code such as forward, return, and even loop.

As a web development company, our whole office went crazy with the Google Doodle game. We all took a little time off work to play kid coding language Bunny Game! Even our non-coding office mates were drawn and tested their logical thinking skills.

Having a web designer or web developer is so important nowadays. If you want to learn how to code or want your you children to learn kid coding language, we have 4 easy ways for you to learn programming languages!

1. Daisy the Dinosaur

This free iOS app features mini games to teach kids in kindergarten until third grade the basics of programming. Using a list of commands, kids can direct Daisy the Dino across the screen.

2. Scratch

From the same MIT developers who brought you the Coding for Carrots Google doodle,  the free programming language uses a building-block interface, with tutorials, curriculums for parents, and printable cards to learn  coding off screen.

3. Blockly

A web-based program, older kids and even adults may find this program better for learning code. It can output multiple different programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, PHP and more.


A specialized school specifically for coding, located in Ortigas, Filipino parents can enroll their kids to learn different programming languages and encourage creative thinking.

 With developers encouraging kids to learn coding, many more professionals want to start teaching kids the beauty and importance of learning code because of it’s benefits like: improved logical thinking; creativity boost and thinking fluidity; open more job opportunities; and lastly fully utilize the technological advancements.

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