Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla got slammed by netizens towards his rude behavior to Kim Jiwan, a Korean contestant, on Pilipinas Got Talent episode last January 13, 2018. Kim Jiwan is a magician who asked for Robin’s help in conducting his magic tricks in English.

Robin refused and told him to speak Tagalog first. He then pointed at the logo of the show, stating: “Look at the back. It says ‘Pilipinas Got Talent.’ You are in the Philippines. You should speak Tagalog first before you could use me.”

This caused a spark online with netizens expressing their thoughts and reactions to what happened. Check out some of the reactions below:

This is truly a reminder of just how powerful a tool social media is. A lot of reactions and information was disseminated quickly in real-time. As such, here are some reasons on why social media holds a huge amount of power today.

A wide reach

There’s a lot of social media platforms and each platform has millions of users who go online. With just a click, your post, photo, and video are now live online for hundreds of people to see.

Trends and viral posts

A lot can go viral these days. With the latest trends that the public is willing to try out to viral photos, videos, and posts of controversial and popular issues and topics, it’s so easy for everyone to check it out. Whether it be good or bad, it doesn’t matter. It WILL trend in the online world.

Nothing’s private anymore

Ever had a post you regret? Even if you delete your post, it doesn’t matter. The receipts will always come through, no matter how much you want to hide it from existence. Always expect screenshots to appear, especially if you’re famous.

It’s such a huge aspect of our lives now that it’s hard to not go online now. With it being used as a communication tool and an entertainment platform, it has become integrated into our lives.

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