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Halloween has come and passed. But it’s not only during Halloween that scares people. Employees handle the scares when it comes to work, particularly web designers. A mistake can easily frighten away and put off clients, potential and existing alike. Plus, there’s also website visitors that designers have to think about in order to ensure that users won’t be turned off from the website. As such, we have compiled a list of scary web design mistakes to avoid.

Scary Web Design Mistakes to Avoid


Whether it be font or colors, web designers should stick to the chosen font and colors.

Don’t stray from the color scheme of the client’s branding. As such, stick to 2-3 colors so that it won’t overwhelm users.

In short, be consistent in designing the website.

Difficult/Unusual Navigation

Even though brutalism was a web design trend in 2017, don’t make the website navigation too difficult to figure out.

In fact, according to HCI and Usability engineer Steve Krug, users don’t want to waste time thinking when they’re using a site or app.

That means you have to keep it simple and easy to use in order to make it easy to understand. Otherwise, users would leave the site immediately.

Cluttered Content

It’s true that users should be informed about all the necessary and useful information about what the website is.

But there is such a thing as too much information.

Just include the most important details that users need to know; that gives them the idea immediately of what the website is all about.

Experimental Icons

While creativity is urged on when designing a website, it’s crucial to still design it by the book.

After all, it is of no use if users won’t be able to recognize what the icons represent.

As Just in Mind explained in a blog, mess around too much with how an icon looks and it can distort the users’ collective understanding that can make your graphical user interface indecipherable.

There are more common and scary web design mistakes to avoid that web designers have to look out for.

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