So you have this beautiful website but wondering why the number of visitors and inquiries is little or none at all. Maybe you never heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) haven’t you? when we search for something, a vast amount of internet users like us will most likely to click the top 3 or 5 suggestions in the result page. Admit it you were, and you never bothered to look to the next page. In order for you to gain more visitors and inquiries is you need to be on top of the page or at least on the first page.

There are tons of definitions of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the web but in a nutshell, SEO is the activity of assuring the website is visible in search results relevant to the users need. So how SEO will help your good looking website to increase visitors and inquiries.

Here’s why:

Raise Search Engine Ranking

Once your website is on top or visible in the result page there is a higher chance of getting more traffic to your website. Since the main source of website traffic is through organic search the key to more visitors and inquiries is to raise search engine ranking.

Better User Experience

You have a fancy looking website, okay maybe that is the reason why you have a little number of inquiries. Why? Because of too many unnecessary designs, what I am talking about is unnecessary widgets, animations, pages and images and also uncompressed images that make the website go slower and drive off visitors. Nobody likes a slow website, remember less is more and design should be relevant to the target audience.

Cross Platform

Next time you visit your website using your mobile phone. Is it mobile responsive? If not you are missing out hundreds of people using their mobile phone to surf through the web. Due to the ever-increasing possibilities of mobile phones, many people are consuming their time using their mobile phones. When people visit your website and your website is not mobile responsive that really kills user experience and drive off visitors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) make sure that your website is cross-platform and mobile friendly.

Social Media Presence

Social Media platforms is another way of getting more website traffic, people also perform searches at social media sites. These social media platforms help build bridges to your website through social media content, campaigns, and promotions and a vast amount of people spend their time on social media depends on your target audience. Social Media is also a big factor in getting more inquiries or visitors.

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SEO Tools Handbook: A Guide to Free SEO Tools [Updated 2019]

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