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One way or another, we as avid –and maybe even addicted— social media users have come across popular business brands in promoting their products or services. Using top content marketing tips and social media etiquette for brands they are wading their way slowly but easily into the vast digital landscape.

Who can blame them? Many to most of their target market spend a lot of their time glued to computers and phones all scrolling through one to too many platforms of social media.

Although you are a small business owner making its way through the social media marketing!), that doesn’t mean you are excused to not follow social media etiquette for brands.

To break it down simply, we listed down the top 3 tips (per social media platform) YOU NEED TO KNOW for your business. Despite having the perfect post and content, this can upgrade your business be more professional when talking to current and potential clients online.


The micro-blogging site is popular for all the short yet jam-packed messages or thoughts you have running through the day. Twitter is also the first and main source of blow-by-blow information regarding urgent matters (i.e. calamities, power outage, traffic interruption, etc.)

But here’s what you need to remember for Twitter etiquette:

Don’t over-hashtag

Hashtags are cool and can help your tweets be easily classified upon searching. But using too much can weaken and even ruin your brand or personality. A study conducted by Salesforce has decoded the fact that 21% of tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags have higher engagement. Just use the mighty hashtag wittingly and sparingly!

Be organic

It’s time we stop buying of followers and likes and make an actual effort to grow your social media community. Follow distributors, organizations, foundations, and related businesses (that are not direct competitors) via your Facebook page to let them know you’re keeping tabs on their content. This will let people who like those pages or even interest groups encounter your brand.

Use keywords wisely

Yes – even Twitter uses keywords! Make sure to sneak in a one or two keywords in your tweet. But make sure they’re still coherent and makes good sense! Users can easily detect if your post isn’t genuine.


Instagram, the very visual-driven social media platform primarily has photo and video content posted regularly. But how can you apply social media etiquette and conquer Instagram marketing for brands? Here’s how:

Regulate posting

Use Instagram for Business to see the analytics of your profile. As what analytics and data do, you will see what kind of post appeals most to your community. You will also see what time they frequently visit your profile and optimize your posting schedule; making sure they see something new each time.

Use consistent branding

Always stick to your branding, especially on Instagram. Since it is so visual-based, people scroll and look over Instagram feeds and immediately judge the profile by how it looks. Have clean and consistent good output helps the brand be more well-known and recognized.

Utilize location tags

There’s an option to “Add location” to your Instagram post or even your Instagram Stories section. Take full advantage of these features as this will can help discover your brand and services more. For example, when they are in a specific area near you then they can easily spot your business and discover you.


Believe us, almost everyone is on Facebook. It’s the first-ever social media platform to boom and have everyone from across generations hooked. This means that using Facebook can help you reach a wider audience. Here’s how you can use social media etiquette with the widest reaching platform:

Don’t ignore comments

People, especially very concerned and active users, love to comment on social media posts. Whether it’s a good pat on the back or negative backlash, always respond to comments as it shows how active you are in your community. This proves that you not only use the platform to inform, but to also engage.

Don’t like your own post

We have seen a couple of brands do this – even we’re a little guilty sometimes! But just always double check on what account or page you’re liking the post. Sometimes Facebook automatically lets you ‘Like’ a post on your page making it seem like you’re self-supporting your own content.

Optimize posting times

Regularly visit your Facebook Insights to find out how well your brand is doing on social media. Check what posts are most popular and what keeps your community engaged and active. This is a heads up for you to keep creating similar content to have high social media standing. Also, take a look at what times your audience is active so you can regularly appear on their timelines when they’re scrolling.

In general, the social media etiquette for brands we can give is FIND YOUR BRAND VOICE and stick with it. The voice may be serious and informative, or witty with dry humor, whatever it is that matches your business – find and establish it early on for users and people to recognize your brand as more than just a service or product.

Whether you’re struggling to find that social media strategy or are building your own, having a consultation with digital experts never hurt anyone. You can always send us a message over here to have a talk and digital assessment of your business! For more information, message us at

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