how to start a digital transformation for business

We’ve been saying this over and over, but digital transformation always finds a way to make life easy. Recently Microsoftrevealed tools that everyone can use to create apps without writing code.

This is great because it encourages the Internet and technology to improve business. But there are more aspects to digitally transform your business. To help you, we listed down how to start a digital transformation for business!

1. Learn and research strategies

If you’re used to traditional marketing techniques like print ads, search online what has been digitally replaced and how to utilize them to your advantage.

2. Build your company brand

Whether you’re happy with your current corporate brand design, consider rebranding! Try upgrading your design a little to improve your business.

3. Set your social media pages and strategies

With social media sites being the main online hub, maximize the platform to promote and create awareness for your business. There are advertising packages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn for your business.

4. Register to Google business tools

Integrate Google Tools to monitor business performance. This will upgrade your chances of appearing on the first page of Google searches!

5. Start a website

In the digital age, a link address can reach your business. With a few scrolls and clicks, a visitor might just be converted into a client with your website

6. Try to optimize your website

I won’t bore you with the do’s and don’ts of search engine optimization (SEO), but try looking for commonly used keywords for Google search and tweak it a little bit to become a unique keyword for your business to appear on search pages!

7. Nurture your leads

There are so many ways to keep in touch with your potential clients! Email them on a regular basis as a direct way to communicate between clients.

8. Consider getting a mobile app

This may be too far for your small business. But if your service requires this then start investing! The future holds more digital projects so being one step in advance. This will help you gain more in the long run.

These are simple concrete ways to start a digital transformation for your business. There will always be new tools and apps to help you out so be open to exploring developments. As a beginner and even as an expert, diving into the World Wide Web isn’t easy so prepare for tons of trial and error. But as the futuristic-themed Disney movie once said, “Keep moving forward!”

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