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Social media is vastly popular in the duration of a few years. Everyone is always on social media. They check social media posts, update their status, like and share photos, and many more. A lot of people even have multiple accounts. One on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. That’s why majority of businesses went online since everyone is online now.

But posting online has a process to it. Your post has to capture the public’s interest and has to get engagement. We’ve listed down several tips on creating the perfect posts on social media.


1. The most enticing updates is providing short information. This is because you’re offering something to the viewers.

2. Your post has to be positive since positivity brings engagement and inspires users.

3. Don’t forget to provide a link! Once you’ve given a brief information that catches people’s interest, they want to know more.

4. Post mobile-friendly images to view it easily since most people are on their phones. An image can result in increased engagement and a higher chance of viewers to share your post.

5. Just because you’re done posting doesn’t mean your work here is done. Engage with users in the comments, reply and answer any of their inquiries and questions.


1. Keep it short and catchy. After all, you’re limited to using only 140, now 280 characters to use. It’s time to master the art of brevity.

2. When posting, use facts, questions, and figures to attract users and have retweets.

3. Don’t hesitate in using mentions. This can prompt influencers and users to engage and respond to them.

4. Retweet important and related content for your Twitter audience.

5. It’s been found that links can produce most retweet so shorten all your URLs.


1. Edit and enhance your photos since Instagram users prefer professional-looking photos.

2. Applying the rule of thirds in your images results to make it more enticing and attractive to the eye.

3. Make sure that your caption is relevant and appealing to catch the interest of users.

4. Don’t forget to use hashtags to get more post engagement.

5. Socialize with users who have commented on your post. Keep it conversational rather than pushing a sale. You’ll only drive potential customers away if you focus too much on your sales.

Linked In

1. Make sure your LinkedIn status update is informative, catchy, and timely. Include a question to grab users’ attention and target around 50 characters in your post.

2. Include a link to enable interested users to learn more information about your post.

3. Make sure your link description is attention-grabbing to entice the attention of viewers.

4. Never forget to interact with users. Reply to their comments and answer their questions.

Follow all these tips and you can make your own perfect post online. But if you’re still unsure, you don’t have to worry because we’re here to help you. Innov8tive Design and Development can create the perfect post on social platforms. We cater the posts specifically to your business. For more information, check out our other services and send us a message at

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