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With social media and the internet, Filipino digital influencers are popular endorsers nowadays. Many brands contact celebrities and bloggers to do promote their brand. May it be to attend events, wear their products, post on social media, and write engaging blog.

If you’re not familiar, an influencer is “someone who is recognized… as the go-to person for a specific subject.” These people can range from outspoken individuals whose opinion matters on the subject.

During Influence Asia 2017, Filipino digital influencers were the stars of the show. They kept bagging top influencer awards in different categories. But how does one become a digital influencer? Here are Philippine digital influencers and how they built their presence with their passion.

1. Joyce Pring, Top Lifestyle Influencer Award

She’s an event and television host, a radio jock, a singer, and now even a blogger and Youtube content creator. Joyce Pring wears so many hats that it’s amazing how she manages to balance her work and play.

Besides her busy work schedule, she makes time to travel, attend events, and bring Joyce to the World. On Instagram, she always shows shares what’s happening in her life. On her blog, Joyce writes and posts about spending time with family and taking a day off work to rest and chill.

Joyce Pring

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2. Tricia Gosingtian, Top Fashion Influencer Award

Posting her #OOTD since 2008, Tricia Gosingtian has gained a strong following. Along with aesthetic travel photos to her unique sense of style and personality.

With her blog ‘Tricia Will Go Places’, she’s a well-known fashion blogger and traveller. She posts about different places and discovering fashion secrets she can use. Tricia doesn’t only focus on beauty and fashion, but on writing as well. There are posts she’s passionate about like art/design and photography.

Tricia Gosingtian

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3. Gretchen Ho, Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award

Former volleyball superstar, Gretchen is now ABS-CBN’s sports and fitness front woman. She hosts news and magazine programs promoting the youth to adapt a fit and active lifestyle.

She has her own blog,where she writes stories about her active journey. Although Instagram is her main court, she shares her routines and diet for people to follow. Gretchen has a healthy lifestyle but still shows how we’re all the same when it comes to loving food.

Gretchen Ho

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4. Cheryl Tiu, Top Food Influencer Award

The most international Philippine digital influencer, Cheryl Tiu is a busy bee. She manages a website,edits for Lifestyle Asia, and writes columns for Forbes, CNN, and much more.

Cheryl writes and travels for food discoveries to expand their taste buds. With her events platform, Cross Cultures, she introduces the world to Filipino cuisine. While introducing more Filipinos to international food. As Tiu puts it, food is the most accessible way to exchange and get to know culture.

Cheryl Tiu

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5. Lloyd Cadena, Youtube Personality Award

The Filipino Youtube sensation broke the internet with incredible sense of humor. He entered the online media industry with easy relatable content. He makes humorous videos and skits about life in Manila and the Philippines.

Lloyd’s main platform is on, Youtube. With thousands of subscribers, he has collected trending topic videos in the Philippines. Cadena has such a funny personality and humor that it’s difficult not to have your day made with his videos.

Lloyd Cadena

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6. Wil Dasovich, Influencer of the Year Award

Before joining Pinoy Big Brother, Filipino-American Dasovich started his Youtube channel with vlogs. These videos are about his adventures in Southeast Asia and life in the Philippines.

Recently he received his diagnosis with cancer. Sticking to his job as a Youtube creator he recorded a vlog talking about his condition and how he feels about it. The candid video about his reality remains to be a popular upload of his. Wil encourages everyone to go out and take more chances. Be more adventurous. And to live life to the fullest so as not have any regrets.

Wil Dasovich

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So many Filipino digital influencers promote their passion through websites and social media. Brands reach out to influencers to help boost their brand name and widen their audience. You too can reach great heights if you start a business digital transformation now.

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