Top 7 Web Design Trends you should know

It’s a bit overdue but it’s time to update your websites to keep up with the current web design trends. As a website is one of the means that you can interact and connect with your customers, it’s important to know the recent craze about it. That’s why we’re sharing the top 7 2018 web design trends that you should know:

Brutalism is IN

Good news for the designers out there who hate to be limited by what is considered standard. As brutalism design has slowly been rising in the web design world, it is a trend now this year! Brutalism is characterized as a design that has no structure. Web designers can go as craaazyyy as they want.

Check out some popular brands that already integrated this trend:

Vibrant Saturated Color

And since brutalism is on the rise, so does vibrant colors for websites. No longer do you have to confine yourself to web-safe colors that are easy on the eyes. For 2018, you can use vibrant and saturated colors for your website!

Thank the advancement in technology that enables screens to produce richer and bright colors. Spotify has actually adapted this now.


Cinemagraphs are a continuous loop of a video or GIFs. Using cinemagraphs for your website can attract visitor’s attention much more quickly. You can make a memorable web visit to users in a short time!


Bold Typography

According to, many browsers can support handmade typefaces that are enabled by CSS for browsers. And with the use of big and bold typography, readers can easily scan your website and retain their attention more.

Check out the web designs below:

Asymmetric and Broken Grid Layout

An asymmetric and broken grid layout is one of the 2018 web design trends. No need to follow a conventional grid layout. Text and image can converge and overlap to create a unique, yet distinct layout style.

Take a look at these websites: :

Saturated Gradients

Gradients have made a comeback this year! Make your website look more intriguing and appealing to your website visitors.

Here are some examples:

Rise of Serif Fonts

Are you a fan of Serif fonts? This year, they’re a big thing in web design! They add a certain elegance, grace, and charm to your website.

Take a look at designs below:

Feeling overwhelmed with all the 2018 web design trends? Don’t beat yourself up over it and contact Innov8tive Design and Development! We specialize in web design and development that will surely fulfill all your business needs. Contact us at and send us a message!

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