Top Reasons Why Blogging is Important to Businesses

Is blogging still important?

Of course!

Blogging for your business is still relevant even today.


It’s an effective marketing tool that helps establish your brand to the public.

It’s how your target market can get to know your company and its product and/or service.

After all, most people enjoy reading different topics of articles especially when they find it interesting.

And as one of the most effective tools to market yourself since it’s one of the best ways to create your online presence in your chosen niche which can show your business as an authority in your niche.

Reasons Why Blogging is Important

Blogging improves Google rankings.

Including a blog in your website boosts your Google ranking by as much as 434%.

Publishing consistent quality content blogs that readers find relevant and has value improves the website in search engines.

Educates readers

Of course, not all readers enjoy reading a biased content; it might interrupt their attention and go away from your post instead.

The reason why most of them are visiting a website is to find something new that could level up their knowledge with the help of good write-ups.

Every blog must be relevant to its niche. Your topic should have its meaningful flow from start to bottom because writing is not only about scribbling words but providing understandable information.

Bring excitement to your articles and feed your readers with beautiful well explained topics.

Gets subscribers

Create a mailing list for your followers.

Add subscription button to your blog.

These are some of the ways you can implement to grow your subscribers.

Writing is a two-way process of communication between the writer and readers.

Communicating to your audience should be one of your priorities.

They can give you suggestions, feedbacks and sometimes an idea on what topic they may like to read next time. Show them your sincerity and truthfulness.

Improve your marketing sales

Blogging is one way to market your product and service and to push your corporate branding.

You can reach your possible customer through blogging. It can help you explain more about your products and services that you offer.

It also helps the customer in making decisions especially if you have a lot of good reviews and comments.

Let your creative juices flow!

It could turn your simple ideas into big-changing business history.

Use links outside your website.

These are related and relevant links to your website. Adding outbound links boosts a website’s page rank in Google.

Increase SEO traffic

Add social media buttons to your blog, since it will help you to gain more shares and it gives you more traffic as well.

Share your blog post to other online community such as groups, forums, and social networking sites.

Always incorporate search engine optimization process in your blog to gain popularity and good reputation.

Importance of a Blog to SEO

Internal links

Publishing blogs about topics that is relevant to your business and contains phrases or words related to your product/service can be linked as an anchor text that will redirect it to the product or service page.

That’s why you have to make sure that you sprinkle relevant keywords to your blog content!


Did you know that one of the key elements for search engines when ranking a website is backlinks?

If your site has no backlink, then it’s not considered as a quality website and will not be ranked.

Of course it goes without saying that your website should have quality links.

Unrelated or low quality links can hurt your ranking…

So pick wisely!

There are plenty of reasons why blogging is important with the various benefits it provides to businesses. If you want to start a blog for your business that has quality content and links, just contact us at to start your digital journey!

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