A New Form of Digital Advertisement Transport Advertising

There’s a new form of advertising in town called transport advertising.

A start-up company in the Philippines called AdMov is a transport marketing solutions where tablets are installed in backsets of ride-hailing cars such as Grab.

What is AdMov?

It is a smart programmatic advertising and Intelligence platform that promises to deliver a more targeted form of advertising and personalized content.

The company aims to provide a platform that helps companies exhibit and promote their products or services which offers value to a diverse audience.

But how does it work?

How It Works: AdMov Features

Facial detection: a feature which can determine the gender and age of car riders that can suits the brand.

Geo-fencing: can target the place of where a company’s target audience is.

Survey polls: the installed tablet can conduct surveys that can help brands learn the opinions of customers.

Lead generation: the company can also convert the audience into customers using QR codes, email lead generation and coupons.

Real-time analytics: advertisers can study the performance of their ads in real-time that can help them improve their ad campaigns.

Campaign report: advertisers can assess the progress of their campaigns with the report AdMov provides.

This is a new form of digital advertising where companies and businesses can utilize the travel time of commuters.

In fact, it’s been reported by Rappler last May 2018 that there are 600,000 Grab bookings per day. That’s wide reach of audience for transport advertising.

With the advancement in digital marketing and the introduction of transport advertising, there are more options that brands can choose from.

As We are Social reported, there are over 4 billion internet users and over 3 billion social media users that social media marketing and search engine marketing are still relevant and will still remain relevant.

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