Web Design Myths and Misconceptions to Avoid

When you hear the word WEB DESIGN, what’s the first word that comes to mind? It’s exceptionally normal for individuals to think about a site as a type of craftsmanship on the web. Essentially, web designing is viewed as an advanced work of art. Nonetheless, Web Design is substantially more than making a webpage look beautiful, hence why it’s important to avoid common web design myths.

Viable web design incorporates website structure, convenience, capacity to do things, and much more. In this article, we are going to investigate the myths about web designing, and those common misconceptions we must avoid.

White Space is Wasted Space

Also known as Negative Space, it is a significant design element that exudes elegance and simplicity to a website. You don’t have to fill everything out when designing. In fact, white space simply attracts, creates balance, and improves readability of a website.

Simple Equates to Minimal

Minimal design is now a successful trend in Web Design. But simplicity is often confused with minimalism. A simple design means that there are no unnecessary elements, only the basics or core elements. According to Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, minimalism is a style, a reaction to complexity whereas simplicity relies on an understanding of the complex. Minimalism is only skin deep. Simplicity comes from the understanding of the whole experience.

Good Design beats Good Content

According to WRAL Digital Solutions, computer programmers were tasked with creating and managing web design during the early days of the internet with great information but was not visually appealing. There were also some great websites but has no useful content. This shows that design and content should work hand in hand to create a great website.

Graphics will make your website more visible

Web Content helps your website more visible, but many of them are heavy graphics and flashy presentations that distracts from the content. Doing this only makes it less visible. Blogs and articles that are rich in keywords will help users find the information they are looking for. It will also help your website’s page ranking.

Mobile users are distracted

One of the common web design myths is that there’s the misconception that website users using mobile are distracted, thus having shorter attention. This leads to the notion to keep mobile designs simple. But with the advancement in technology and phones nowadays, web designers don’t have to simplify their designs as devices these days have improved.

We’ve presented a few of the common web design myths and misconceptions of web design. Here in Innov8tive Design and Development, we understand the need for websites in the field of business nowadays. That is why we’re here to help you in digitizing your business! Contact us at info@innov8tivedd.com and tell us what your plans!

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