The hashtag #netneutrality trended on Twitter recently. Net neutrality means that all data and content on the internet must be treated equally. This means that internet service providers can’t discriminate and charge fees for different types of content, website, or user.

This is an issue because the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) wants to repeal net neutrality regulations. It was the Obama administration that passed these regulations. This created a huge buzz among internet users in the States. They protested, online and offline, about the vote that took place on December 14.

Take a look at the various reactions of users on Twitter:

Which made me think, what would happen if net neutrality is revoked in our country?

More expensive

Take a look at this tweet. Imagine how much you’ll pay if net neutrality was abolished.

Considering just how slow our internet is and you have to pay more to access specific sites. It will be too much.

Freedom of expression lost

It’s a fact that social media is a huge part of everyone’s lives now. It’s where people connect and share their thoughts and opinions. If you have to pay just to use your social media, wouldn’t you be restricted? Taking into account that we’re a developing country, not everyone would be able to afford paying the fees. The internet would then turn into a privilege.

Uneven competition

The repeal of net neutrality is a huge disadvantage for small and medium enterprises.

Think about it. Large companies have an advantageous foothold in the market. They can afford to pay all these fees to use specific internet features. But what about the small and medium businesses? Going online a huge benefit for businesses but SMEs have limited funds. They would suffer because they may not afford to give their service and/or products online.

It would greatly affect us if net neutrality is repealed. It’s important to keep net neutrality in place as a country with more than 600 million internet users. Small buy and sell businesses are also emerging online. With the popularity of the online world, let us help you take the first step in the digital world with our premium digital services. If you’re interested, contact us at

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