What is Experiential Marketing

Before we discuss what is experiential marketing and how it’s going digital, let me answer this question:

What is experiential marketing?

According to Hubspot, it is a marketing strategy which engages an audience to experience a brand.

In short, it’s a hands-on experience. Hence coining the term “experiential marketing.”

What are the types of experiential marketing?

There are two forms of experiential marketing, as discussed by Jawbone:

Direct reach is personally interacting with customers. They are exposed to the product or service directly.

  • Immersive Experience: this is where consumers can fully experience your product or service.
  • Product Showcase: just as it’s called, you can show off what your business offers.

Indirect reach is designed by word of mouth. Customers get to know about a particular brand through other channels than having direct exposure to it.

  • Content Generating Stunts: this is a combination direct and indirect, where a company creates a stunt to promote their business that’s designed for a primary and secondary reach. Think of a campaign where a consumer can experience your brand but is also designed to be viral to attract even more audience.
  • Business Innovation and Services: this type of experiential marketing is for long-term goals. It’s the latest innovative form of marketing that can further add more value to a company’s brand model.

What are some examples of experiential marketing campaign?

Refinery29’s 29 Rooms

Refinery29 is a media company for young women and their annual event is an example of content generating stunt.

29 Rooms let people enjoy themselves in rooms containing interactive art. It’s popular among fashionistas and bloggers that generated so much popularity that other brands have held their own events too.

Lush Creative Showcase

Lush created the perfect opportunity to showcase their many products, including new products for their loyal customers who wouldn’t mind buying a ticket to fully partake in the Lush experience.

Facebook IQ Live Tour

Facebook took a tour across New York and Chicago with mid-level agency staff participants from different agencies to help understand real-time customer insights.

But more than that, it showed their target audience how Facebook provides valuable tools and experience on how they can utilize the social media site to their business.

How is it experiential marketing related to digital marketing?

With the rise and advancement of technology, experiential marketing has also evolved.

It’s no wonder experiential marketing and digital marketing go hand in hand now.


There are some company that is completely digital.

Plus, with a lot of people on social media now, traditional companies need to have a digital strategy too in order to reach potential customers online.

For example, your business is going to have a product showcase. But you can’t just expect people to immediately know about it.

This is where you have to generate buzz around your showcase.

What better way to do that than to use digital marketing?

Through social media, you can have a marketing campaign. Provide details to have enough hype for your product showcase.

And on the day of the showcase, you can prepare a hashtag for the event, post photos on various social media accounts, and even have an FB live!

So how is experiential marketing going digital?

Well, the rise of virtual reality is one prime example.

Before the premiere of Allegiant, fans of the series were given an immersive experience with an immersive 360o video.

Allegiant VR Experience – Facebook 360° Video.

Venture into the world of The Divergent Series: #Allegiant in this immersive 360° video! For more info, visit http://thedivergentseries.movie/vr

Posted by Divergent Series on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

There’s also the 360o photos that can be found in Facebook! Check out the example below:

Northern Lights in 360°#Norway #Lofoten #360PhotoThanks to Martin Kulhavy for the photo

Posted by 360 Photos on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

And this is a feature on Facebook that you can use to your own business!

You can showcase your own shop to take customers on a virtual tour.

You can also use the live features of social media accounts to let people be a part of your own product showcase or whatever type of experiential marketing you want to use.

I hope this helped you understand what is experiential marketing and how you can use it to further your business growth and customer reach.

But if you need a more expert way of handling digital marketing, you can avail our digital marketing services! Send us a message at info@innov8tivedd.com and we’ll help your business thrive!

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