what is social analytics

Ever wondered what is social analytics?

It’s an integral tool that is measured by numbers, fans, followers and likes; and uses that information for decision making when it comes to social media marketing.

In the third generation, the social marketing and its landscape had never looked more exciting.

In fact, customer care and digital marketing have both moved to their limits online to social media.

Businesses and Entrepreneurs are now asking for the return of investments (ROI) and thanking social media.

After all, social media has grown drastically through the years that it has become an integral tool in marketing.

But how can you track your performance in social media?

That’s where social analytics comes into play.

First of all, what is social analytics?

Social analytics is the collection and analysis of data of how users interact online.

It shows the different behavior of your audience and customers, the activities they do such as liking, commenting, unliking, etc., to your social media page.

It’s an important tool that can help you devise a marketing strategy to help boost your business online, whether it be lead generation, brand awareness, and more.

But why is social analytics important to digital marketing?

Follower analysis

Understanding your followers is always a good thing.

Doing so can help you generate great posts that you’re sure the customers will love, hence boosting engagement even more.

After all, social analytics tracks your audience which enables to make quick adjustments to your content to further appeal to their interests.

Examines post reach and results

This part of the analytics lets you know which posts are being shared and liked the most.

It basically tells you which what post your audience likes.

You can be informed on which content receives the most engagement that translates into how your brand appeals to the public.

Determines customers’ interest

As mentioned before, social analytics helps in know what the interests of your target market.

You can get a variation of interest by engaging with different customer sectors by adapting into the latest analytical data which tells you something that you don’t know.

Real-time increase of campaign performance

Have you ever experienced underperformed campaigns and limited results from your marketing efforts?

Well, this is the time to move with social analytics to help you identify the difference.

It will assist you to align your customer’s engagement using the content.

Using information gathered from the questions like: Did your audience respond to your video ad? Did they show excitement in your product? Or did they only watch the ad because of the music?

It can make real time adjustments to your campaign that can have a huge impact.

Determines customers purchasing influences

Today, most of the companies are using Twitter, Facebook, etc. in paying attention to their customers’ feedback.

However, learning what your customer keeps motivated to purchase is the next big thing.

Use the influence point-of-purchase strategy, product development, and brand positioning to analyze the buzz across social media channels.

Use your advantage on the competition

Observe how your competitors move and their audience to learn how to react to what’s going on to get market shares.

Use competitive bench marking if your competitor’s customers are not satisfied.

It’s now possible to know who has the biggest voice, whether it’s a happy client or the impact from promotions and product launches.

Fix the problem before it grows

Prepare a solution of a problem before it becomes big.

Accumulate all negative commentaries in your brands in every social channel to enforce urgent action and prioritize which one needs to address first.

The compiled sentiments of your customer can help you to do better.

With these, you can have a better understanding of what is social analytics. But if you need help in managing your social media, particularly in interpreting your social analytics, we can help you out! Send us a message at info@innov8tivedd.com now and get a FREE digital marketing consultation.

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