We increase Website Traffic

Alexander Bautista already has an existing travel website where he regularly posts his travels abroad and in the Philippines. He explains the aim of his website was to offer low-budget but fulfilling adventures in all parts of the world

He’s been wondering why with his constant posting on his website and promotion on his social media sites only a few are responding to his posts. With his growing concern about the responsiveness of his website, he contacted Innov8tive Design and Development to check on his website SEO score and ranking among major search engines.

The results of the analysis showed a low score which is due to the lack of organic on-page optimization. His website did not appear on any ‘affordable travel’ keywords which is why he was not listed in the first pages of search engines. With our team of SEO specialists, we analyzed his report and recommended him tips and tricks on how to boost his SEO website score with keywords relating to his affordable travel blog. We also recommended regular posting related to his services.

After a few months of regular and consistent posting with the use of our recommended keywords, Alex’s website gained a sizeable amount of responses from his readers and getting tagged and recommended on social media sites for his innovative blog posts and articles. Now his adventures reach a wider audience who are inspired by his budget-friendly yet fun-filled travels.