How We Do It

With a newly established non-government organization (NGO), Donna Paoig isn’t quite sure how to attract donors, supporters, and volunteers to help her organization flourish. She wants to start a blog about her advocacy and interview her members to showcase their story, but with establishing a new NGO and searching for investors she doesn’t have the time to write regularly. That is why Donna asked for our help in creating blog posts to keep her pages updated.

Here in Innov8tive Design and Development we provide Content Writing packages that can help your blog always up to the date with the latest news and happenings related to your field of business. We set a meeting with her and talked over the ideas she wanted, what she wanted to promote, and the approach she wanted for her writing. Through her ideas and our expertise, we were able to provide her a weekly supply of posts, blogs, interviews, and researches that can give anybody interested in her organization a background of their mission and vision.

With a weekly supply of well-written and approachable content, she’s received numerous queries about how to donate and volunteer in her programs. We’ve transformed her new business venture into a ground-breaking organization for a worthy cause.