What’s the Latest Craze in Web Design?

Dominik Banzon
What’s the Latest Craze in Web Design

Every website must have a unique theme or design to be able to stay ahead on the web. The trend always changes from time to time and gives a significant role to its development. Web design and development techniques are always progressing in terms of creativeness and creating a responsive design is one of the few methods and techniques.

We all know that more and more people are hooked into their mobile devices in visiting websites, share information, and react to something. Web designs should be getting simpler and clear. Keeping your web design and coding clean so you won’t get things more complicated.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design became a mature trend in late 2013. The responsiveness of websites by designing and coding it, which adjust to itself its layout in any devices from desktop computers, tablets to smart phones.

Over-sized Images

When you use mobile devices sometimes it’s so hard to see images, buttons, etc. So web designers and developers are tended to create large-sized buttons and images because it’s better at finger tapping.

Web Designs

“Design is everything. Everything!” – Paul Rand

Metro has been used and introduced by Microsoft and its becoming a fast hit. Large blocks in solid vivid colors are stayed on trends. It is a new design language which is made for Windows 8.

Branding in a website is essential. To make your website prominent, you can use full-screen backgrounds and other typographic elements, especially if you want to focus on your brand.

Scroll-ability is so trendy and appealing. Websites which have a vertical scroll are easy to understand, navigate and has more functions. More designers are returned in making websites with vertical scrolls.

Interactivity is when your website is easy to navigate and operate. Make your designs simpler to have better interactivity in generating more profit. It is very important, specifically for e-commerce websites.

Website Coding

HTML5/CSS3 has better functionality that is why everyone has diverted to it, and it has a search engine value. Flash sites lost its hold in the previous years.

Single Page Layouts works like magic. However, they are not appropriate for all kinds of websites because you can’t use single page layout if you have so many contents.

Parallax Scrolling is also unsuitable to all kinds of websites but looks amazing. It has a special computer graphics technique wherein background images are moved slower than the foreground to create an illusion. It is also used in 2D video games.

Website Speed is very substantial issue. It helps Search Engine Optimization, and users improve its experience.  When your website loads slow visitor may tend to leave and go to another website to find what they are looking for.

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